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Meet our team

Noah Stanford

Co-Founder and CEO



Noah is a software developer and security engineer with experience as a leader, penetration tester, and infrastructure developer. With over 15 years of writing code, popping shells, and dreaming big, he's founded multiple software ventures that captured the hearts of over 150,000 users with over $2M lifetime profit. He's served as a technical lead and engineer on multi-million dollar security projects including Identity / Authentication, Web / API security, and architecting critical infrastructure. He's passionate about building great things, re-inventing the world around us responsibly and is inspired by missions that have positive impact on the world we all share.

Michael Melone

Co-Founder and COO


Blue Origin

Michael has 10+ years of experience in enterprise IT environments where he's worked in a number of sectors including Education, IT audit, FinTech, and Aerospace. He has been a security egnineer since 2016 and has played multiple roles on Information Security teams from Analyst to GRC officer. He lead newtwork and email security for two rocket companies; at one of them, he helped build the infosec team from 3 to over 20 employees. He's well versed in the security of identity, networks, email, and infrastructure. He has a passion for information security, the outdoors, sports cars, and downhill skateboarding.